sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

Concerto > Carmina Reyes & Amanda Naugaton > 7 ABR > 21H

Carmina Reyes:
Barely the fist note is sung with Carmina’s smooth voice and the universe decreases and music fills every pore of our folk loving soul. (Der Hollabusch 09/13) Grown up in a little village near Augsburg, Germany, Carmina works and lives since the age of 17 in Munich, where she learned to be a Goldsmith. Inspired of the culture and music scene there she began to write her own songs on her guitar. After a few months at the drawing table and in the studio Carmina Reyes published an album that was released 2014, called Moonflowers.
Her quiet, dreamy and storytelling songs that she sings with her smooth and angel-like voice could soon be heard on many stages in Munich, London and other citys. 
In 2015 she luckily played support for Damien Rice.